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Bioshock Creator Ken Levine to Write the Screenplay For Remake of 1976 Sci-Fi Film ‘Logan’s Run’

Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no need to remake everything!!!

Terrible. How could you ever top the original?  And what celebrity these days has the awesome drawing power over young boys that Farrah Fawcett in her prime did? No one! 

C’mon! It’s been over 30 years. It has to be renewed. Carousel!

This is the first non G-rated movie I ever saw. THERE IS NO SANCTUARY!


Starts July 12 on IFC!

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Don’t Forget the Cassette

This project started with an idea to fill my loft studio wall space. I often thought how there’s a lot of talk about vinyl and the growing revival of that format. This lead me to explore the graphics and layout of cassette inlay designs. The popular C60 & 90 format in some ways is a design classic. The somewhat crude, simple typography and block colours would look great on a wall and so I thought i’d fill my walls with such prints. 
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Mission accomplished. One of my challenges during my year of residency in Tashkeel was to paint a mural in the streets of Dubai.
In any other country, everything would have been easier but here graffiti is heavily punished, actually I think this is the first and only mural that exists in the UAE (someone correct me please if I’m wrong).

The process has not been easy, after locating the spot in Jumeirah Beach Road (Anna!) we had to talk with the owner of the building, who was open for the project since the first moment. Once we had his ok, the Tashkeel crew were struggling with Dubai Municipality day by day until we finally got their OK after a few months.

After spending the whole night painting this, I passed by the next day to take some photos and to speak with the neighbors about it (mostly shops). They look excited about it, even though they were kind of reluctant when they saw me painting the first lines. Now I’m getting free haircuts and lemon-mints on the area!

Big ups to Tashkeel, thanks a lot for your perseverance Bakhita, Haiya and Lateefa. Thanks for your company Jill, Sameena and Khaled.

For your information, this is a personal project. There’s no brands nor any kind of payment involved. Hope you like it Dubai peeps and i hope this will open doors for more public art projects.

Peace out!

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Xiao Liwu climbing around on exhibit at the San Diego Zoo.

© Official San Diego Zoo.

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Renowned Chinese artist and social activist Ai Weiwei and toy designer Eric So have collaborated to create a series of large-scale rubber sculptures titled “Aibudao,” or “Unlovable” in Chinese. Notorious for his provocative artworks that challenge Chinese censorship laws, Ai Weiwei was likely inspired to create these figures in reaction to the Chinese government’s criticism of his nude studio portrait, which features him and four women. The exaggerated, Earth-toned sculptures in the “Aibudao” series facetiously distort the human figure, confronting us with the “imperfect” qualities of the body. The sculptures premiered in the Musuem of Art and Design‘s booth at the major Asian festivalArt Stage Singapore, which ran from January 24 through January 27. Take a look at a more images of “Aibudao” below, images courtesy of Jasmine Fine Art.